Monday, July 17, 2017

An update from Cyrus Furbush

Cyrus Furbush on his M5 M-Racer waits his turn to do the hill climb, followed by the coast-down on June 24  His accident happened during the next event, the rally race.

As everyone who was at the Michigan HPV Rally on Saturday, June 24, presumably knows, Cyrus Furbush crashed during the rally race, breaking his right leg, and was taken by ambulance to a hospital.
Cyrus, 20, from Tecumseh, competed for the first time at the 2016 Michigan rally and won the stock class.
He arrived late at this year’s event, so got a late start in the one-hour time trial and finished 17th in the stock class. But after that, he was fastest of all competitors (not just the stock class) in the hot laps, first in the hill climb in the stock class and second in the coast-down. Then came the rally race, a non-points “fun” event, and he crashed while leading.
Cyrus, a college student with the goal of a bachelor’s degree in computer science, was nice enough to write the following, giving an update (as of July 16) on what’s happened since his accident.. (Editor: At his request, it’s been shortened, plus I did some editing.)

I'm feeling a lot better than the first few days, particularly before the surgery. (One of the hospital workers had to hold pressure on the wound, which was very painful.)
The surgery essentially consisted of washing out the wound and fixation of the tibia with an intramedullary nail (metal rod). The fibula was left unattached (no plate, screws, etc.) and they put in a splint (fiberglass + elastic bandage).
Physical therapy indicated that I would be okay using a walker/crutches. Getting used to sleeping at home was difficult, but I managed okay after a few days. I used pain medication until Friday or so after the accident.
I decided to return to school after a day of resting at home, since I didn't want to fall behind or have to retake classes.
About 10 days after the accident, I had my first follow-up appointment with the orthopedist. They did an x-ray, put a removable splint on and indicated that the bones were doing well. We set up a follow-up appointment for 2-1/2 weeks later. I may be able to put weight on my leg after that or have to wait another two weeks (which will be week 6).
I've started to minimize my use of the splint and can move my ankle around some and have been able to regain most of the motion in the knee.
I've gotten pretty good at using crutches to get around. 
Relying on my parents for transportation and using crutches is probably what I dislike most about the situation, so I'm hoping to be able to get back on the bicycle and motorcycle when able.
Thanks for the card: I felt the card was well chosen and the signatures were nice. (Editor’s note: We got a get-well card for Cyrus, which people at the rally signed, which was given to Cyrus when he was still in the hospital.)
The crash essentially occurred because of a braking + turning error. While initiating the lean to enter the turn, I realized I didn't bleed enough of my speed to make it through the chicane without hitting the cones, so I immediately got on the brakes, which in a lean/swerve resulted in my front tire losing traction.
I can't be sure exactly how my leg broke, though I'm guessing it was the outside edge
of my foot that hit the ground.
I'm pretty sure that a lack of sleep (I was quite tired) had an effect on that and maybe also the front tire (a Vittoria Corsa Speed Tubeless with a tube @ 120 psi).

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