Monday, February 8, 2010

John Morciglio's latest carbon fiber wonder

Here's the latest carbon fiber creation from John Morciglio of Waterford, who started building it prior to the Michigan Human Powered Speed Challenge in July 2009.
Then the customer lost his job, so John returned his deposit and worked on the bike when he had extra time, so only finished it recently.
“Hammerhead” is front-wheel-drive and steering, with the bottom bracket moving back and forth as the wheel moves. “So far I like the format, but need more seat time to see if I will race this bike, sell it or keep for hilly rides,” John wrote. “It is very strange to have the feet connected to the steering.”
The geometry is geared toward climbing, with a high seat angle and low bottom bracket.
Some specifications: Wheelbase, 44.5 in.; seat height, 20 in.; bottom bracket height, 19.5 in.; weight with wheel covers, platform pedals, and tailcone brackets, 21 pounds, 2 oz.
For now, there's no front deraileur, so the only gearing is the nine-speed cassette, but John plans to add a front deraileur “when I get a chance.”
Here's what John posted about his bike on the homebuilders discussion group site:
“I finally got to try out my Hammerhead.
It CAN be hammered!
The pedal torque is minimal. This is a surprise, but a good one.
Had two short rides so far. First one, about 1 hour. Went better than I expected. It took a lot longer to learn to ride the Fujin (first bent). So being able to keep it up and turn on the first try was re-assuring.
I think putting it on the rollers reduced the learning curve.
Steering feels strange. Having input from the feet will take some getting used to.
I could make tight turns on day one. Didn't think I could pedal through the turns due to crank length changing, but this does not seem to be an issue.
The only way I can ride it no-handed now is with my feet off the pedals.
It will take some time to learn to steer with the feet.
(It) Feels like it pulls left or right, with left or right foot forward.
To see some of John's earlier carbon fiber creations, scroll down to the Michigan HP Speed Challenge report, posted Aug. 13, 2009; Bryant Tucker 100, July 5; and MHPVA annual meeting report, Feb. 21, 2009.
Morciglio makes custom carbon fiber bikes (recumbents and uprights) and other products for customers. For more information, go to or call 248-499-9915.

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