Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dave Moller's latest wood wonder

DAVE MOELLER stands with his latest creation, Dragonwood, at the Michigan FreakBike Militia exhibit at the Ann Arbor Bicycle Show April 25, 2010. (Mike Eliasohn photo)

David Moeller and his creations have been shown in this blog previously. Here's his latest and his description:

I call it Dragonwood and it's made of laminated ash and walnut, including the seat, handlebars and grips. It's 8-1/2 feet long. A four-speed hub "transmission" is under the seat. There's dual disk brakes in the rear; no front brake. The front wheel is 20-inch. The rear wheels use handmade rear hub, with the axle running in four pillow block bearings.
I will mount an electric hub motor on the front. There is room behind the seat for batteries. From start to finish, building Dragonwood took about 6 months.
(Editor's note: Dave wrote an article about the construction of Dragonwood for the Atomic Zombie June newsletter. There's also several construction photos. Go to, click on "news and blog," then under "Atomic Zombie news" click on "June 2010.")

The other articles by/about Dave on this blog are dated March 5, 2008; Dec. 14, 2008; and March 30, 2009.
Dave, who lives in Linden, near Flint, was the "Meet an AZ Krew member" featured in the April issue of the Atomic Zombie online newsletter (
He's hoping to bring Dragonwood to the Michigan Human Powered Vehicle Rally June 12-13, to show, not to race. The other Dragonwood photos were taken by Dave.

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