Sunday, September 19, 2010

Michigan Recumbent Rally - West, Sept. 11, 2010

JOHN MATHIESON (standing at rear) of Breakaway Bicycles and Fitness brought a Sun EZ-1 and T3-AX trike and a Bacchetta Giro 20.

Words and photos by Mike Eliasohn

Rain during a cycle event usually means either cancellation or being miserable.
But rain all day during the Michigan Recumbent Rally - West Saturday, Sept. 11, at the Western Michigan University Parkview Campus wasn't a problem.
The usual location is the parking lot in front of the Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences building. The building and parking lot are adjacent to a large parking garage, which is almost empty on a Saturday, so the lower level provided a nice, dry location for test rides and talking.
Unfortunately, the rain likely kept some people away who were unaware of the "indoor" location.
Among those attending were representatives of two west Michigan bicycle shops who brought several recumbents for people to test ride and hopefully buy.
John Mathieson of Breakaway Bicycles and Fitness brought a Sun EZ-1 compact long wheelbase, a Sun T3-AX two-wheels-in-front tricycle and a Bacchetta Giro 20 short wheelbase with 20-inch front wheel. Breakaway has stores in Portage, where John is based (269-324-5555), Muskegon and Grand Haven.

NATE SCHMOEKEL, of Village Bike & Fitness, a Rans dealer, shown here adjusting the seat on a Stratus XP for a test rider, also brought a Zenetik, V3 and F5.

Nate Schmoekel of Village Bike & Fitness, whose business card says "recumbent consultant," brought a Rans Zenetik crank forward, Stratus XP long wheelbase with 26-inch wheels and low bottom bracket, V3 long wheelbase with 26-inch wheels and high bottom bracket and an F5 short wheelbase with 26-inch wheels. Village Bike has stores in Jenison, where Nate is based ((616-457-1670;, Cascade, and two in Grand Rapids.
Other bikes at the rally (going by memory) were a Rans Wave, BikeE with rear suspension), Haluzak short wheelbase, Rans Rocket and an ICE tricycle.
Thanks to Paul Pancella of Kalamazoo for organizing the rally for the umteenth year, with assistance from Paul Bruneau of Portage.

DAVE MIDDLETON (left) of Kalamazoo and Joe McCormick of Troy discuss Joe's ICE trike, which has fold-under rear suspension. It's Joe's third trike and as of Sept. 11 he had ridden it about 8,700 miles in the four years he has owned it.

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