Sunday, July 21, 2013

HPV races - Northbrook, Ill., July 13, 2013

THE START of the 100-lap race for streamliners at the velodrome in Northbrook. Sean Costin, event organizer and competitor in this race, said the 13 streamliners was the most ever. (Photos and captions by Mike Eliasohn.)

TODD REICHERT in a University of Toronto streamliner gets/give a high-five after winning the streamliner race by three laps over second place Warren Beauchamp of Elgin, Ill., and four laps over third place Sean Costin, of Arlington Heights, Ill. Todd averaged 36.6 mph for the 100 laps - 23.68 miles. (The track is 382 meters/.237 mile.)  In the rear, getting out of his vehicle, is Rick Gritters of Pella, Iowa, who finished sixth.  Dave Johnson of Olivet finished ninth.

Congratulations to Todd and Cameron Robertson of AeroVelo in Toronto for winning the $250,000 Sikorsky Prize for designing/building the first human-powered helicopter to maintain a height of at least 9.8 feet (3 meters) for at least 60 seconds, while the center of the craft stays within 33 square feet.  Todd was the pilot/powerplant on the successful flight on June 13, 2013. You can see the flight and read more at Todd and Cameron have both competed at Michigan HPV Rallies as part of the Univ. of Toronto team, members of which assisted with the helicopter project.

MHPVA President Mike Mowett of St. Clair Shores on his Morciglio M1 won the 50-lap race for unfaired vehicles at an average speed of 28.35 mph, finishing about three-fourths of a lap over Dennis Grelk of Donnellson, Iowa, with Todd Reichert third.  On Sunday at the velodrome in Kenosha, Mike won the 30-lap race for unfaired vehicles at average speed of 28.7 mph. Results of both days' races, plus photos and videos, can be seen at

Sixteen vehicles line up for the start of the 50-lap race for non-faired vehicles. In addition to Mike Mowett, the winner, other Michigan competitors were Brian Stevens of Grand Rapids, 7th, and Tedd Wheeler of Reed City, 9th. Brian also won the 10-lap tricycle race over two other competitors.

Back in 2010, when I (Mike E.) last attended the Northbrook HPV races, Todd Beary of Oswego, Ill., raced this recumbent (above photo) that he built on his apartment patio, when living in California, using a MAPP gas torch to do the brazing. In 2011, he added a fairing he made from corrugated plastic. Todd raced a different bike last year, then returned this year with the streamliner, but with a new front half that he got from Steve Spencer (left, below). It was the original fairing from Warren Beauchamp's Barracuda. Since Todd was looking through the nose, not over it, he added the windows. He noticed other streamliners had a more upright head tube angle, so he switched from the original 20-inch (451mm) rear wheel to a 700c rear wheel. The original 451 front-drive wheel remains. Unfortunately for Todd, during the streamliner race, a loose drive chain derailed twice when he had to brake hard. The result was 13th (last) place with only 50 laps completed. In the flying start 200-meters, his speed was 26.64 mph; in 2010, it was 26.31 mph.

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