Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Michigan Recumbent Rally - West - Sept. 12, 2009

The annual rally, organized by Paul Pancella, took place on the Western Michigan University Parkview Campus. (Photos by Mike Eliasohn and Paul.)

DON AND JODE TAYLOR of Hersey brought their homebuilt recumbents, "loosely based on the Meridian" design from the site, Don said. These were No. 1 and 2; Don was almost done with No. 4 as of when the rally was conducted.

THIS IS JODIE'S MERIDIAN, shorter than her taller husband's bike. The main frame tube is 1-1/2-inch; 18 gauge (.049 in.) on Jode's, 16 gauge (.065) on Don's. On the Meridian, the seat position is fixed; the bottom bracket position is adjustable to fit different-sized riders. Rear tires are a fat 26x2.1; fronts are 20 inch.

ONE CHANGE DON MADE to the Meridian design was addition of sprung seats for a comfortable ride. He taught himself how to weld and built his first bike during 2006-07. "I built jigs for everything." Jode sewed the upholstery.

TERRATRIKE of Kentwood (, also known as WizWheelz, brought some of its recumbent trikes for people to try. The smile on this woman's face was typical. (And no doubt the WizWheelz folks had smiles on their faces if some of the people who went for test rides ended up buying a TerraTrike.)

JOHN MATHIESON OF BREAKAWAY Bicycles and Fitness (shops in Kalamazoo, Grand Haven and Muskegon) bought several recumbents bikes and trikes (Sun and Bacchetta) for people to try. Here he helps a potential customer try a Bacchetta. (

PAUL BRUNEAU tries David Middleton's CruzBike. CruzBikes, with front-wheel-drive and moving bottom bracket, are available as kits to convert a mountain bike, such as this one, or as complete bikes. (

UNFORTUNATELY WE DIDN'T GET the name of this gentleman, who brought his made-in-England Trice with fold-under (for transporting) rear suspension.