Monday, October 10, 2011

Michigan Recumbent Rally - West

THE MICHIGAN RECUMBENT RALLY - WEST, organized by Paul Pancella, took place Sept. 10 in the parking lot of the College of Engineering building on the Western Michigan University Parkview Campus in Kalamazoo. There were perhaps 20 recumbents there during the day and 30 participants, who came from as far as Grand Rapids and Kalamzoo. There's been a recumbent rally in west Michigan every year since 1997, always on the day before the Vineyard Classic Bicycle Tour in the Paw Paw area.

JOHN MATHIESON of Breakaway Bicycles & Fitness in Portage came to the rally with three bikes for people to try and buy: A Bacchetta Bellandare long wheelbase recumbent, Bacchetta Giro shortwheelbase and a Sun EZ Tri Classic three-wheeler. Breakaway also has shops in Muskegon and Grand Haven (

MIKE ELIASOHN of St. Joseph had the only homebuilt recumbent at the rally, built with some paid-for help (welding, some fabrication and electro-coating). It met the goal of fitting in the back of his Ford Focus station wagon without having to remove wheels or anything else, but the unintended weight of 40 or so pounds reduces its portability. (Paul Pancella photo)