Monday, April 20, 2020

No Michigan HPV Rally - or get-together

The article below mentions the possibility of an informal get-together for HPVers in August, in lieu of the cancelled Michigan HPV Rally.
Unfortunately, there are no signs the COVID-19 pandemic is "slowing down," plus I haven't detected much enthusiasm for my idea, so there WON'T be a get-together/gathering.
As of when I write this (July 6), the only HPV event still scheduled is Dennis Grelk's event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, mentioned below.  (Update as of Aug. 4:  Dennis has now cancelled his event for this year.)
Another event that would have been of interest to HPVers, the Recumbent Cycle-Con trade show scheduled Oct. 9-11 in Dayton, Ohio, was recently rescheduled to Oct. 8-10, 2021.
May "normal" return in 2021 and may we all still be around then to enjoy our fun activities.

                                                                                        – Mike

By Mike Eliasohn

What would have been the 36th annual Michigan Human Powered Vehicle Rally May 16-17 at the Waterford Hills sports car racing track in Clarkston has been canceled. It will not be rescheduled (until 2021), although there is the possibility of a “gathering” later (please keep reading).
According to an email from Garrie Hill, who coordinates insurance for the Human Powered Race America events, “Our carrier says that until a full ‘all clear“ is issued from each state government involved, no insurance binders will be issued.  As far as I can say, no insurance for liability means no race.”
Conceivably co-organizer Mike Mowett and I could have rescheduled the rally for later, likely in August, but there would still be the possibility of having to cancel that date.
Hopefully things will be back to semi-normal by August, but it’s hard to conceive there will be an “all clear” by then.
Please consider attending Dennis Grelk’s races at Hawkeye Downs Raceway in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Sept. 19-20, which may be the only HPRA event this year. For most of us, it’s a long drive to Cedar Rapids, but keep in mind that Dennis and his family have been making the long drive from Iowa to our events for many years. For details, go to
Also, in lieu of the Michigan HPV Rally, would people be interested in attending an informal gathering, an opportunity to view, test ride and talk recumbents and other interesting cycles.
What I (Mike E.) have in mind is meeting some place on a Saturday in August from say 10:30 a.m.-3 p.m., possibly Aug. 8, since that’s the day prior to Owosso Bike Fest – if that event is held.
I’m thinking a large parking lot – on a college campus, at a factory, semi-abandoned shopping center or a big church – near I-94 somewhere between Ann Arbor and Detroit. Access to a restroom(s) will be a must.
No registration, no entry fees (though we might have to take up a collection to pay someone to clean the restrooms) and no racing, since we won’t have insurance. And, if, for instance, social distancing and/or wearing masks is still highly recommended, easy to cancel (that is, no advance preparation being required, hence no wasted effort).
I’m thinking we can invite freak bikers and other builders/riders of interesting cycles.

So if you think a gathering is a good idea, OR NOT, please email me at or call 269-281-0797.  And, for us to meet, we need a place, so please send me your suggestions and be willing to make contacts.

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